History of Key West

Original Key West House of 405 Key West Drive. Built in 1852.

Burnley’s Tavern – one of the oldest buildings in Albemarle County. Built in 1740.

History Note: Burnley’s Tavern, originally located immediately northeast of the crossroads at Stony Point, was reportedly built circa 1740, thus making it one of the oldest buildings in Albemarle. The tavern was run by Nathaniel Burnley from 1820-1829, when he became a miller for Hydraulic Mills on the Rivanna River. This building was relocated by Audrey Emery in 1938-39 to the Key West subdivision, with assistance by architect Milton Grigg.  It is now part of the house at 95 Key West Drive.

Interior of Burnley’s Tavern.

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Map of Albemarle County from 1867


Albemarle County in 1867.